Day 4: cyclone Carlos

Yesterday’s storm has evolved into a category 1 (that’s the mildest) cyclone – named “Carlos”. It seems it’s the 1st one in Darwin for 3 years! 🙂

Current weather conditions (source:

Office was evacuated after lunch, and schools and most shops were closed today. Still managed to buy supplies from a supermarket (everybody was doing that…), and came back home.

Now, being from a European country with moderate weather, I’m pretty much irresponsibly oblivious to the dangers of a cyclone. Even so, I don’t like heavy rain and strong winds, so I’ll probably stay home. 😛

And by the way… why the hell cyclones and hurricanes always have latin names??…


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One Response to Day 4: cyclone Carlos

  1. Part of the city has lost power – I can see someone in the next building using a flashlight. 🙂

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