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There is a possibility that a new cyclone will form this Friday. I’m sure a team of experts is already discussing its name. Advertisements

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Morning Tea

The other day I was suddenly dragged (well, not literally) to a meeting with the project team. So, as I was expecting to say something about the project status… we started having a discussion about next day’s morning tea. ūüôā … Continue reading

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Eating out

If you have the chance to work in offices in different countries, you’ll see people following very distinct lunch habits. In Portugal, most people like to go out and eat. If possible, in a small, friendly, under-rated place serving good … Continue reading

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One espresso, please

It may be difficult, to say the least, finding a good espresso outside Portugal and Italy. But, hey, I don’t mind drinking one from a shot-style glass! But today I finally found a proper espresso. Well, the name of the … Continue reading

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Human vs. Cylon… in Singapore!

Frak. I. Must. Go. There. I guess I’m a geek.

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Political games

Socrates quits.¬†Not actually surprising. Nor the fact that, in general, Portuguese politicians (government and opposition) are not worth the air they breathe. But what’s really unexpected in this? Local TV news journalists can actually¬†reasonably¬†pronounce his name very well. Wow. That’s … Continue reading

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Flying in circles

So, I’ll be flying back to Europe on 7/May, leaving behind the small, yet lovely, city of Darwin. Before that, I’ll travel around a bit – Sydney, Thailand (crazy Bangkok, northern hills, south beaches…), perhaps¬†Malaysia (Laksa… hummm), and finally Singapore. … Continue reading

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