Flying in circles

So, I’ll be flying back to Europe on 7/May, leaving behind the small, yet lovely, city of Darwin.

Before that, I’ll travel around a bit – Sydney, Thailand (crazy Bangkok, northern hills, south beaches…), perhaps Malaysia (Laksa… hummm), and finally Singapore.

Several options were dropped in the way. In Australia, Cairns (a paradise for diving due to the proximity of the Great Barrier Reef) will probably be replaced by Similan Islands (Viagens Lacoste: link), in Thailand – almost as good, and a lot cheaper.

Ayers Rock (Uluru) was also in my short list, but it was dropped due to its overall price (just the flight to Alice Springs is as expensive as going to Sydney, although it’s less than half the distance), and the time-consuming trips (oh, Alice Springs is only 450 km from Uluru…). Coincidentally, locals here seem somewhat unimpressed by it… although I’m sure it still deserves a visit. But it’s ok leaving something interesting for a future trip.

But I’ll be going all the way down to Sydney, after which I’ll head back – to Asia, where Thailand and Singapore are confirmed destinations.

It’s still possible stopping in Kuala Lumpur (between Thailand and Singapore…), although not very likely. Angkor, in Cambodia, with its stunning Khmer ruins, was a strong possibility for a while, as nearby city Siem Reap has an international airport. But even so, it was eventually dropped as I decided against losing more time in planes and airports.

Now, the stupid part.

On 6/May, I’ll fly from Singapore to Darwin, where I will arrive at 4:20 am… because that’s the only low-cost flight available.

About 12 hours later, at 16:10, I’ll board the 1st flight of the long journey home (Darwin > Bali > Amsterdam > Lisboa), booked by the company. I can’t just board the plane in Bali (although it was easier, given my previous location) – if I miss the 1st flight, the remaining ones are cancelled.

Now, if things work as in the Lisboa > Darwin route (and probably will, as it’s the same airline), the plane will make an extra stop for refueling – it’s not even in the flight route I got from the travel agency – you just leave the plane and come back 1 hour later.

And where is this extra stop?…

Singapore. Yeah – the place I was about 1 day before.

So now you know why the title of this post is flying in circles


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