Morning Tea

The other day I was suddenly dragged (well, not literally) to a meeting with the project team. So, as I was expecting to say something about the project status… we started having a discussion about next day’s morning tea. 🙂 It seems they do this once in a while – it’s a kind of early lunch or late breakfast, and it serves as an opportunity for people from different teams to be together in an informal meeting for some time.

Anyway… our team has representatives of Australia, UK, India, China… and Portugal. And suddenly I discover that each representative should prepare something for the event.

PANIC! I can´t make any real good Portuguese food!  Even if I could, where I would find the right ingredients?… I don’t have the expertize of certain colleagues in my company…

Ok. In the end, it was not bad. And by not bad, I mean no one went to the hospital. Or running to the bathroom. My delicatenesses included:

  • Portuguese croissants with genuine Swiss cheese – a homage to the Portuguese communities in France and Switzerland. Really.
  • Sandwiches containing Nando’s (a «Portuguese» restaurant – see previous post) mayonese. And Spanish chourizo (close enough).
  • Strong coffee. Because the picture in the label really looked like a real espresso. 🙂

People enjoying their morning tea


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One Response to Morning Tea

  1. Woman says:

    Oh lordy now I am very hungry and in dire need of coffee!!!!!!! Fabulous photos you have here!!!! And a good selection too!!!

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