Landed in Bangkok during the night. During the flight, I saw the most amazing thunder storm – lightnings illuminated the night, just below the plane! Awesome.

Bangkok is best described as chaotic. Lots of people, lots of noise, huge traffic jams. And every street has stalls selling food, clothes, and souvenirs. If Sydney reminded me of London, then Bangkok seems a low-tech version of Blade Runner.

There are several temples around the city worth seeing, and one of the most effective ways of moving around is by boat, on the Chao Phraya River.


However, the really fun way of moving around (and my favourite)… is the tuk tuk, of course! Think about it as a roller coaster – without the safety measures. After agreeing a price for the service, your experienced driver will speed between cars, sometimes driving against against traffic (I said it was fun!), to ensure you get quickly to your destination. Nice! Ok, sometimes, he will even follow traffic signals. 🙂


Common taxis are generally less fun, although they have air-conditioning. One curious thing about the taxi that took me from the airport, is that the driver seemed quite confident that he was respecting the speed limit – although the speed meter was obviously not working (it was not moving). Who needs a speed meter in Bangkok, anyway?


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  1. Joao Gomes says:

    Speed limits are just recommendations 🙂 Have fun

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