Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur

Landed in KL today and got greeted by some thunderstorms and rain. KL couldn’t be more different from Bangkok. It’s a modern and tidy city, and its inhabitants are much more closed than their extrovert Thai neighbours. Tuk tuks are gone, and so are the stalls selling food and souvenirs on every street. I can walk around without anyone constantly asking me Taxi? Massage? Watches? I miss Thailand already. 🙂




The skyline is dominated by the Petronas Towers, one of the highest buildings in the world. It has a huge multi-floor shopping centre in its base (some stores are represented twice). Malaysians seem to love that – there are several shopping centres across the city. If shopping is your thing, then this city can be heaven for you.

Bur for me, arriving from Thailand, it just seems a bit boring. KL lacks the fun craziness of Bangkok and the vibrant coolness of Sydney. Even the Menara tower – 421 meters – is a bit boring experience, compared to the Amp Tower in Sydney or even the Euromast Tower in Rotterdam, much smaller (I visited the three).


But all this is what I was already expecting, so I planned staying just one night – KL is on the way to Singapore, anyway. At least I can have some Laksa again! And the hotel also has some nice views, from its 33rd floor.



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